Caring for flowers and plants



We send out our bouquets gift wrapped and in water to keep them as fresh as possible during transit.  You can keep it like this for a day or two but we recommend you take it out the packaging and put it into a vase of fresh water. Take the wrapping off over a sink, don't cut the string on the inside, this will keep the flowers sitting the way we have arranged them, give the stems an angular trim and put in a vase of water along with the flower food provided.

Some tips for a longer vase life....
Just like us, flowers like to drink clean water so if the water starts to go cloudy, change the water and cut the stems again.
They will last longer in a cooler area but not in a drafty place,
keep out of direct sunlight.
Take out any dead flowers or dead heads as time goes on.


Our arrangements come in containers filled with oasis foam which holds water, so all you have to do is top up the water every other day.


Each plant arrangement we deliver will come with its own guide but here are some basic tips.....
Cacti/succulent like bright light, that's usually why you see people's inside window sills filled with them!  Water sparingly, a small amount every couple of weeks, they don't like to be sitting in water and like well drained soil.


Ferns like moist soil, humid conditions so water regularly, don't let it dry out and even give it a mist of water too over the leaves.  Bathrooms and kitchens are good places for ferns, but if not in one of those rooms you could put some moss on top of the soil to help keep it damp. They prefer low light.


With an orchid you are trying to recreate those tropical conditions that they naturally grow in,  so they like quite bright but not direct sunlight, water about once a week by submerging the roots in water for half an hour but drain off excess water once finished, the roots don't like sitting in water all the time.  Wipe the leaves clean occasionally.  You could put some pebbles around the top which helps create humid conditions.